Real-time scanning,
Simple execution
RedFish is a "graybox" trading tool designed
exclusively for the currency markets.
  • Instant pattern recognition
  • Automated probabilities calculator
  • Uncomplicated trading
  • Built on the popular MT4 trading platform
Automated Pattern Recognition

RedFish "swims" beneath the surface - working in the background scanning more than 6 different time frames trolling for more than 30 high probability trading patterns.
Simple Order Entry
Automatically scans the market in real-time and alerts you.
  • Pattern identification
  • Market direction
  • Position size
  • Risk-reward profile
  • Profit target
  • Stop loss target
Trade confidently with one click of a button!
Stay in control

You control the structure of each trade based your personal preference and input factors. Redfish adjusts the risk and profit targets accordingly.
Learn from one of the best
Tigrent eLearning, a leading provider of online financial education and training curriculum, has created education specifically for RedFish.
  • Trading labs
  • Courses
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
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What can RedFish do for you?

RedFish is an MT4 "Expert Advisor," or plug-in, which helps you to quickly and easily find, execute, size and manage forex trading opportunities.

Note: Trading in the off exchange retail foreign currency market (forex, fx) is speculative in nature and involves substantial risk of loss.

When RedFish finds a trading setup, it sends you a trading alert in real-time - complete with trading pattern identification, market direction, trading indicators and targets.

All you have to do is click "Yes" to enter the trade or "No" to move onto the next, it's that simple.

"RedFish is the crowning achievement of all our years in the trading industry. It has greatly simplified our trading and helped us reproduce results more consistently."
Jeff Crystal & Andres Araneda
RedFish Developers