Everything You Wanted To Know...

RedFish is a real-time scanning tool and trading application for the Off-Exchange Retail Foreign Currency Market ("Forex" or "FX"). RedFish helps you to quickly and easily find and execute forex trading opportunities. But there's really much more to RedFish than that.

What makes RedFish so good?

Using the past as a guide, RedFish instantly shows you the historical probabilities of future successes - and easily helps you enter a complete trading plan. See a screenshot.

Trading in the off exchange retail foreign currency market (forex, fx) is speculative in nature and involves substantial risk of loss.

How was RedFish developed?

RedFish was originally created to simplify the trading systems of three currency traders. Each founder brought his own experience and expertise to the table with the goal of creating a system that could consistently reproduce satisfying results in the market. The system cut the amount of time the founders were spending analyzing charts and allowed them to expand their trading activity many times over.

How does RedFish determine the quality of a trade?

Once RedFish identifies that a trading pattern has emerged, it asks the question, "How many times has this setup appeared and how did this currency react?" It uses this history to calculate the probability of what the markets could do this time. There is no guarantee these historical probabilities will be successful.
Learn more about RedFish's favorite trading patterns.

Is there a track record?

Since RedFish puts you in control, there is no track record. Each user can employ any combination of trading patterns, time frames and inputs.

There are no representations, promises, guarantees or warranties suggesting that any trading will result in a profit or will not result in a loss.

Where do I clear my FOREX Trades?

Linking into your favorite FOREX clearing house is a cinch with RedFish. RedFish can be programmed to link trades to a demo or real trading account through a simple integration tool.

Now, making a trade is as simple as answering the question, "Would you like to place this trade?"

What do I need to run RedFish on my computer?

RedFish is formatted to work exclusively with the MetaTrader trading platform. You will also need an active fx account.

How do I install it?

Click here to create your RedFish account. A RedFish technician will help you through the install and setup process.